Venus institute of physiotherapy is imparting quality education with an emphasis on life. The classes are handled by highly qualified and motivated professionals who are adapting providing the skills and knowledge needed to meet the challenges of today. We provide outstanding facilities and the teachers are noted for their friendliness and professionalism and are eager to help students to achieve greater academic success. The ladder of achievement of the curriculum is planned in such a way that all the potentials and inherent talents of the students are tapped and developed multi dimensional.

Goals of Institution

  • To inculcate moral and ethical values in students.
  • To prepare physiotherapist to meet the health care needs of the society.
  • To establish and maintain this institution as a center of excellence in physiotherapy education.
  • To provide administrative, academic and support services that create an environment conducive to teaching, learning and student success.
  • To set high standards of comprehensive professional education by developing the intellectual strength of students and guiding them towards professional excellence.
  • Identify research able problems, advocate and participate in research and incorporate research finding into clinical practice.
  • To produce graduates of international standards committed to professionalism.
  • To enhance faculty for development and sustenance of physiotherapy as an established method of health care.